Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The McFarland Police Department strives to work as partners with the community to serve and protect.  We focus on building the quality of life of citizens and visitors in our city through proactive problem solving, fair and equitable police services, and utilizing our resources effectively.  We serve the City of McFarland with integrity, dedication, loyalty, courage, and compassion.

Vision Statement

We are a professional, progressive, and innovative police department.  We are excited about the opportunity to be an integral part of our community.  We endeavor to offer a complete service which is committed to providing quality police services to our community.  Our employees are leaders in crime prevention and problem solving.


Commitment to teamwork and partnership among department members and the community.

Professionalism, respect, flexibility, and maintaining open-mindedness with every individual.

Transparent, honest, and direct communication throughout the agency.

Accountable to the public.

Responsive to our community's needs and challenges.

Foster trust with community members.

Maintain credibility and self-discipline through strong values, integrity, and moral standards.