The City of McFarland owns, operates, and maintains the domestic water system within the City of McFarland.  The City water system presently consists of four (4) water wells and one (1) storage tank equipped with booster pumps.  Monthly service fees are established to provide the city necessary funding to cover current operational expenditures, the replacement of existing equipment, and required additions to capacity. 

The Water Division provides the following:

  • Domestic and fire fighting water service to the McFarland community
  • Continuous monitoring of water for pollutants, contaminants, and bacteria in conformance with health and safety standards
  • Monitoring and implementation of water-related laws and codes

Water Quality
The City performs water quality testing and monitoring in conformance with establishing health and safety standards.  Annual water quality reports called "Consumer Confidence Reports" are prepared and mailed to all of our customers
by July 1. 

2012 CCR Report
2013 CCR Report
2014 CCR Report
2015 CCR Report
2016 CCR Report
2017 CCR Report 
2018 CCR Report
2019 CCR Report
2020 CCR Report
2021 CCR Report

TCP 4th Quarterly Report (2019)
TCP 4th Quarterly Report (2021)
TCP 2nd Quarterly Report (2022)

Water Rates

Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy - English

Politica de la Descontinuacion de Aguas Residenciales - Spanish

  1. Water Department

    Physical Address
    401 W. Kern Ave
    McFarland, CA 93250

    Phone: : 661-792-3091
    Fax: : 661-792-3093

    For after-hour emergencies call 661-792-3058

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