Chief's Message

Welcome to the City of McFarland. I am incredibly excited and honored to be sworn in as your Chief of Police here in McFarland. It is my pleasure to lead the women and men of the police department and help assure the collaboration between the community and us. 


Some of the important items that will lead us to success are:

  • Unquestionable Ethics: Ethics is the foundation of any good law enforcement agency and is a mandate for how the McFarland Police Department will operate. 

  • Stability: Your police department will be stable, not only in the short run but in the long run. The goal of your council, government, and myself, is to ensure that any transition, rather it be a chief or other administrator, will not affect the momentum and achievements of the department but instead will provide continuity, sustainability, and a road map of success regarding the goals and objectives of the community of McFarland.   

  • Collaboration: Your police department will collaborate and partner with the community to address the underlying root cause of problems. We recognize that we will only be successful if we develop a deep-rooted partnership with our community. We understand the best individuals to know the issues and provide possible solutions are those who live, work, and own businesses in this community. 

  • Compassion, caring, and mutual respect 

Your police department will uphold its part of this agreement by:


  • Ensuring the community has a voice
  • Ensuring we are communicating in a fashion that highlights respect and leaves individuals with their dignity 
  • Ensuring we behave and communicate in a fashion that fosters trustworthiness between the police and the community of McFarland