Grants Division

The mission of the Grants Division is to secure funding to provide services, programs and projects to the City of McFarland, enabling the city to reserve funds for essential city services such as providing water, sewer, refuse, transit and street maintenance.  Conserving general funds through the addition of grant awards helps the city stay financially stable and prepared for the future; the city's financial condition is closely monitored by the city manager and the grants department is guided by his directions to ensure the needs of the city are met.

The city has received grant funds for many projects.  Some are listed below:

  • Infrastructure such as streets, sidewalks, drive approaches, street lights and walking paths
  • Software, which includes a new operating system and fully automated services for residents
  • Police officers and safety equipment
  • Transit improvements
  • Training for employees
  • Housing development funds for first time homebuyers at Vila del Caribe
  • Housing programs
  • New wells, including treatment for water quality
  • Electric vehicles and motorcycles
  • Parks, including Discovery Park
  • Transit services and capital improvements
  • Pedestrian improvements at Kern Avenue Overpass
  • Planning documents, such as the General Plan Update, Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, Master Storm Drain Plan, and many others

Grants provide loans to residents for First Time Home Buyer and Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Programs, ensuring that all types of housing are available and that existing housing is safe, decent, and affordable for all.  The Owner Occupied Rehabilitation funds are used to correct code deficiencies, such as plumbing, electrical, structural, or even as simple as replacement of old windows or an HVAC system.

The grants department writes the grant application and, if funded, will complete all the conditions to receive the award.  After set up conditions are met, the grant administrator will oversee the process to ensure all conditions of the funding agency are met, including financial oversight and completing all reporting requirements.  Upon completion of the project or program, the administrator will complete the close out procedure and handle the final audit by the awarding agency.

All grants are subject to auditing by the funding agency, as well as by the state or federal government.  Most housing grants are pass-through awards from the federal government and can be audited by HUD, which is the housing department of the federal government.  City staff are very cognizant of their duty to be fiduciary responsible and ethical in the handling of the taxpayer's funds, which are taken and distributed in the form of grants to the city.

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