City Attorney

The City Attorney's Office is committed to represent, support and provide legal advice to the Mayor and City Council, department heads and staff members of the various City departments; to aggressively defend its client in litigation; to initiate litigation at the direction of the City Council; to render timely legal advice to City boards, commissions and committees; to research and provide information on legal issues; to prepare legal documents, including ordinances, resolutions and contracts; and to review and prepare amendments to the McFarland Municipal Code to maintain consistency with current state and federal laws.

In the accomplishment of our mission, the City Attorney's Office:

  • Represents the City in legal proceedings, both as plaintiff and defendant.
  • Provides advice or written opinions to all City departments.
  • Makes recommendations to City Council for or against the settlement or dismissal of legal proceedings.
  • Approves as to form all bonds, contracts and ordinances.