Finance Department

The Finance Department is dedicated to supporting the long-term financial stability of the city and enhancing public and organizational trust through integrity of financial reporting and sound financial management practices.

The Finance Department is responsible for administering all financial record keeping and reporting functions for the City of McFarland. Several of the functions handled by the Finance Department include:
  • Compiling and producing the fiscal budget and financial statements for the city
  • Maintaining debt and treasury management, internal audits, budget control, purchasing accounting activities, and general administrative functions
  • Providing support and advice to other city departments, the city manager, and City Council in matters related to financial issues, policy, and strategic planning
Core Services
  • Disbursements – The disbursements service within the Accounting Division facilitates timely and accurate payments of the city’s financial obligations which includes vendor payments and payroll.
  • Financial reporting – The financial reporting service within the Accounting Division provides accurate and meaningful reporting on the city’s financial condition which includes the City of McFarland’s monthly financial reports and the annual audited financial report.
  • Purchasing and materials management – The purchasing and materials management core service within the Purchasing Division purchases and provides quality products and services in a cost-effective manner and ensures insurance coverage for the city’s assets.
  • Revenue management – The revenue management service, within the Revenue Management Division, bills and collects revenue to enhance the city’s financial condition.
  • Treasury management – The treasury management service within the Treasury Division provides cost-effective financing, investments, and cash collection of the city’s resources to maintain and enhance the city’s financial condition.